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3 Blush Techniques To Up Your Spring Makeup Game



As spring returns and flowers begin to bloom, it’s the perfect time for us to draw inspiration from nature and add a touch of life and vitality to our faces via blush. Aside from infusing a natural, healthy flush into skin, blush can also help restore dimension to the face after the application of foundation, as well as dispelling sallowness from the complexion by adding a youthful glow. Find out about how to create spring’s hottest blush trends using natural mineral blushes, and learn which colours are right for your skintone!

While there are no hard and fast rules to makeup, matching your blush colour to your skintone’s depth and undertone can simplify the process of creating a flattering, harmonious look. For warm or yellow undertones, warm corals like Benecos Sassy Salmon* and Lavera Charming Rose* impart a beautiful pop of colour that’s not too dramatic, while more orange-leaning hues, like Lavera mousse blush in Classic Nude* and Dr. Hauschka Blush Duo in Soft Apricot*, will mimic a radiant sunkissed look reminiscent of peach sorbet. Those with cool or pink undertones will enjoy soft rosy tones and sophisticated mauves, like Gabriel powder blush in Rose or Benecos Mallow Rose*, while deeper pinks, such as Lavera Pink Harmony* and Dr. Hauschka Blush Duo in Dewy Peach*, can be used to create a more impactful look while still being cohesive. Deeper skintones will be flattered by bold sienna hues like Gabriel powder blush in Contour, and can even rock a rich red like Inika Certified Organic Lip & Cheek Cream.

Whereas conventional blushes on the market may feature controversial and potentially carcinogenic preservatives such as parabens and ammonium salts, these mineral-based blushes are gentle on your skin without concerning ingredients to compromise your beautiful complexion. Smooth, skin-friendly mineral powders, including silica, kaolin, and mica, combine with mineral pigments to create a silky veil of colour, while plant oils nourish the skin and prevent any dryness and patchiness. Vitamin E, a highly effective natural preservative and skin nourisher, prevents blushes from oxidizing and losing their colour and texture. As an antioxidant, it will care for your skin by scavenging free radicals and preventing cellular damage.


One unexpected trick to identifying a blush colour that works for you is to utilize your phone camera’s black and white filter – turn on the filter and hold the blush up against your cheek, and if the blush is ideal for a natural look, the colour of the blush should look similar to your skintone or just a touch darker

*available in-store or call our special order line to have it shipped to you at 604-733-5323 ext. 500


Draped Blush

Liven up your contour by supplementing it or replacing it with the blush draping technique! Using an angled blush brush, sweep blush over the hollows of your cheeks to define your face shape and show off your angles.


Gradient Blush

Make your face your canvas by creating a beautifully blended gradient blush look. Buff on a bold colour on the very edges of your cheeks and blend it out with a softer hue toward the center of your face.


Sunkissed Blush

Show off your love for the sun without having to subject yourself to UV radiation – just liberally apply warm-toned blush with a large fluffy brush on the centers of your cheeks while sweeping some colour across the bridge of the nose where the sunlight would normally hit.



– Written by our Beauty Specialist, Evelyn