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Our Top Winter Picks For Staying Warm Naturally

We fight the COLD on two fronts, in our bodies and stepping out the door of our houses. Most important thing to remember is to KEEP hydrated, and a good cup of Herbal tea keeps the body from dehydration and boosts the immune system. Several cups of a great tasting herbal tea does the trick, as well as taking Vitamin B and C.


  1. Our Change of Seasons Dried Herb Tea Blend
    Is traditionally used to help the body and emotions adjust to seasonal shifts by supporting the heart, liver, lungs, blood, and immune system. It provides extra warmth and energy to the body and organs which helps the body to be able to handle sudden cold weather, making the body more resistant to stress and infection. Excellent in a soup as an immune support and tasty! Can be found at our dry
  2. Our Circulation formula
    Is traditionally used as a warming circulatory stimulant and opens up every tissue in the body to an increased flow of blood, especially to the hands and feet. This will help our extremities to feel warm in the cold weather. It also increases blood flow to the brain and improves energy in the body. This helps us to handle the cold better. Because it also strengthens the heart and the function of the liver, we will feel warmer deep inside the body as well. Feel free to call or come by to ask one of our herbalists for more info!Contains: Cayenne fruit, Devil’s Claw root, Ginger root, Ginkgo leaf, Prickly Ash Bark, Rosemary leaf, Yarrow flower
  3. B Vitamins
    Are critical in maintaining energy, metabolism and circulation. Some B’s, like this high potency Natural Factors one, help with peripheral circulation or keeping hands and feet warm. Shivering in the cold need the extra B vitamins.
  4. Vitamin C
    Boosts the immune system from infecting virus and hastens recovery if the virus gets past your immune defenses. Biomed’s C Boost is a Food Nutrient formula designed for high bio-availability, assimilation and absorption.