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6 Healthy Essentials for New Moms and Babies


New moms have a challenging job ahead of them! So we put together a guide with amazing natural products that will help babies get a good start in life and make life easier for new moms.

These aren’t your everyday necessities like a stroller and diapers. These healthy essentials will help moms and babies get adequate nutrition and care for their sensitive skin.

Whether you’re thinking of becoming a parent, already on your journey, or have someone in your life who is—our list of essentials will show you exactly what new moms and babies need to support good health.


  1. Lactation and Pregnancy Herbal Formulas (Click for recommended product)

Our best-selling Lactation Herbal Formula comes in both a tincture and tea format to support new moms. This formula does double-duty; it helps increase milk production and improves the quality of the milk.

Our Pregnancy blend ensures a smoother pregnancy and faster delivery. It can even help with pregnancy-related nausea.

Both of these herbal formulas are great for new and expecting moms because they contain herbs like alfalfa leaf and nettle leaf which are highly nutritive and helpful for women. Check out our video on our Lactation blend for more information from one of our herbalists!




  1. Calendula Baby Products (Click for recommended product)

If you already love to use natural skincare products, then it’s a no-brainer to want to share that with kids and babies! These Weleda calendula products gently care for baby, child, and adult skin.

One of the main ingredients is organic and wild-crafted calendula extract. Calendula is great for treating inflammation and skin irritation. That makes it perfect for diaper rashes!

This Baby Starter Kit contains diaper care, baby cream, shampoo and body wash, face cream and lotion. It’s a fun and convenient way for mom and baby to try out the Weleda calendula line. This kit makes an excellent gift for new moms and its great for travelling and weekends away with the baby.


  1. Vitamin D (Click for recommended product)

Canadian moms and babies should be supplementing with Vitamin D! Especially in Vancouver where the cloudy skies conspire against us to limit our exposure to the sun. Thus, we are prevented from being able to absorb enough sunlight and meet our Vitamin D requirements.

Vitamin D helps prevent disease, aids in calcium absorption, and may help prevent cancer. Supplementing is an easy way to ensure optimal health since it’s difficult to get enough Vitamin D through diet and sun exposure.


  1. Omega-3 (Click for recommended product)

While everyone should make sure to get enough Omega-3 in their diet, it’s especially important for infants and their breastfeeding moms. DHA, a kind of Omega-3, is thought to be critical to healthy brain development and function since it makes up the membranes of nerve cells in the brain. See our recent blog post on Omega-3 for product recommendations and additional information.

Baby DHA Product (Click for recommended product)

Omega-3 and the Truth About Healthy Fats and Oils


  1. A Good Prenatal Vitamin (Click for recommended product)

Investing in a good prenatal vitamin will save you a lot of time and worry. We love this doctor-formulated Megafood Baby & Me 2 to help support the health of new moms and their babies. This supplement contains folate, B vitamins, and choline to support healthy development. Since this is a food-based supplement, it is easy to digest even on an empty stomach. This is especially helpful in those first months of pregnancy if you have morning sickness!


  1. Probiotics (Click for recommended product)

Probiotics are a new mom’s best friend. They will help to balance the gut flora and keep you regular. Keeping constipation at bay is especially valuable to moms who just got an episiotomy! Taking a probiotic can also help prevent thrush, a yeast infection that can develop in the mouths of breastfeeding infants. Discuss probiotics with your paediatrician since they can help with skin and digestive issues that are common in childhood and infancy.


Visit Finlandia and talk with a Product Specialist about which vitamins and supplements are safe for pregnant women, women who breastfeed, children, and infants.


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