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About Us

Our Story

When it comes to supporting your health, nothing quite matches Finlandia’s selection, customer service, and expertise.

With the modern world looking for education on preventative and alternative medicine, Finlandia strives to be place for all your health needs. Finlandia is your One Stop Health Shop’ with professionals in all modalities on staff and services ranging from naturopathic consultations to general questions about supplements, herbal medicine, and pharmaceuticals.

The vision of Finlandia Pharmacy and Natural Health Centre was founded in 1974 by pharmacist Harlan Lahti. To this day, Harlan’s values are evident in our retail store and health team. Finlandia believes in building good relationships with customers… building healthful, helpful relationships through great customer service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers attain optimal health and vitality through great customer service. This is achieved through traditional prescriptions and our complementary modalities including:

  1.  Herbal Medicine: tinctures, dried herbs, and essential oils
  2.  Vitamins and Supplements
  3.  Naturopathic Health Centre
  4.  Compounding Pharmacy
  5.  And Online Store

We have the largest health store in Vancouver and a Naturopathic Health Centre directly across the street. Our naturopathic doctors are fully equipped to provide integrated, personalized health care and wellness medicine.

We also retain the services of many health practitioners in the fields of traditional pharmacy, naturopathic medicine, holistic nutrition, herbal medicine, and natural cosmetology to ensure the appropriate modalities are conveniently available to customers.

Our retail store also incorporates a natural beauty and skin care department. We have beauty specialists on staff at all times.

Bridging the world of Western and Alternative Medicine

Finlandia recognizes that prescription medications are an important method of treating disease, particularly when the situation is acute (to this end, we maintain a full service medical/compounding pharmacy).

However, Finlandia also recognizes that support with natural preventive agents and remedies is more attuned to nature’s plan. This is why Finlandia retains a fully staffed retail floor with qualified health professionals capable of answering questions and educating our customers on the products we carry.

Our product development team ensures that our store carries quality supplements and a variety of products that can fit everyone’s lifestyle. If you have any specific needs, questions, or concerns, do not hesitate to give us a call at 604.733.5323!


At Finlandia, you can find answers for your medical concerns and questions from our staff of highly trained specialists. Our health professionals include pharmacists, herbalists, nutritionists, naturopathic physicians, and an aesthetician. We are pleased to introduce you to some of our team members below.

  • Harlan Lahti, D.N.M, B.Sc. Pharm, Registered Pharmacist
    CEO, Owner & Founder

    Finlandia Pharmacy & Natural Health Centre founder and owner, Harlan Lahti, is widely recognized as the nation’s expert in natural health medicine. He and his highly qualified team have been integrating allopathic and natural medicine for over 40 years and their pharmacy has grown into one of the most widely respected and trusted integrated pharmacy/natural health centres in the country.

    Before starting Finlandia, Harlan worked as a licenced pharmacist in hospital and in geriatric care settings, where he saw how some prescription medications could have undesirable consequences. “If people want to take natural remedies along with their prescription medications, we counsel them whether this is advisable or not advisable,” Harlan says “That’s one of Finlandia’s specialties—to keep people safe if they want to make their own choices with respect to their health.”

  • Beth Lahti, B.Ed, BPHE

    Beth Lahti holds a Bachelor Degree in Physical and Health Education (University of Toronto), and a Bachelor of Education. She was a teacher in the lower mainland for 17 years and owned a small fruit and vegetable business. Growing her own organic vegetables for sale, Beth says she “made about 5 cents an hour” and, as a result, has a huge respect for today’s farmers.

    Working at Finlandia for the past 15 years, Beth brings extensive knowledge of the many supporting services available to Finlandia clients. Specialized state-of-the-art services include breast thermography, Osteometer bone scan, ETA bio-resonance scan, and heart rate variability assessment.

  • Jason Wilhelm, BSP
    Pharmacy Manager

    Pharmacist Jason Wilhelm is passionate about health and the best ways to achieve well-being. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, he graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. During his 13 years as a drugstore pharmacist, he came to realize that truly helping people regain their health embraced more than the standard pharmacy model could provide.

    With an interest in functional medicine, as well as respect for all forms of natural healing, Jason is now able to follow his passion for compounding—with comprehensive training in standard and sterile compounding under his belt. He maintains expert knowledge of hormonal therapies for men and women.

    Jason enjoys interacting with Finlandia pharmacy customers and making sure they have all the information needed to benefit fully from their medications.

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  • Michelle Bonnie, BRT, CH
    Herbal Dispensary Manager

    Michelle is a published research biologist, herbalist, sound healer and vibrational medicine practitioner. She began her 30+ year journey into the healing arts with scientific research into human viruses. This led Michelle to the awareness that a more integrated approach was needed to better affect health at the cellular, emotional and spiritual levels.
    Michelle subsequently studied phytomedicine (plant medicine), sound therapy, crystal and other forms of healing, vibrational medicine and yoga.

    Call 604.733.5323
    to book an appointment.

  • Jacob Lahti, BA, PgC
    Store Manager

    After his undergraduate at the University of Toronto, Jacob’s passion for brand marketing led him to pursue a post-graduate in Marketing Management at George Brown College. During this program, he obtained his CSC in finance and worked as a marketing assistant for his finance professor.

    Apart from marketing, Jacob played competitive squash and worked as a squash coach, which led his interests to sports nutrition and wellness using natural methods. He then switched his focus to natural products and worked as a marketing assistant for a natural skin care company for a year.

    Jacob brings his knowledge and experience in marketing, brand awareness, advertising, and his passion for natural healing to developing Finlandia’s first marketing department.

    Call 6047335323 ex. 933
    to book an appointment.

  • Navin Prasad, BBA
    Purchasing Manager

    Navin Prasad has been with Finlandia for over 10 years. Before working at Finlandia, Navin graduated from Douglas College with an accounting diploma and was originally seeking an accounting position. During his time here, his interest in natural health and business grew which led him to complete a Business Management Program. After working in various departments within the company, Navin has advanced to the Purchasing Manager position bringing with him years of experience and expertise in the natural health industry. Outside of work, Navin enjoys hiking and playing recreational basketball and hockey.

    Call 6047335323 ex. 901
    to book an appointment.

  • Avril Murrin,
    Floor Manager

    For many years, I have pursued a path of holistic health and what that means to me. I have acquired my Holistic Nutritionist designation as well as attended multiple integrative health conferences.  What I enjoy the most in my work is sharing and relating with customers about shared experiences with various health products and healing support methods. It is amazing how holistic health benefits our lives.