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Bio Resonance Scanning


Your body is a unique system of energy channels that, when balanced and flowing correctly, result in superior health and well-being. Many factors can affect the “perfect flow” of energy, including stress, pollution, allergies, hormonal imbalance, food intolerances, ingestion of toxic substances, and the effects of disease.

Just as every cell phone has its own frequency, so every cell and organ in the human body has its own distinct wave frequency or oscillation. These frequencies can be measured and compared with the frequencies of healthy tissue, which have been stored in graph-form in a databank that has compiled standards based on age and gender. In this way, trained health personnel can measure the energy flow in your body, compare it with the norm, and determine if any blocks are present. Blocks in energy can have a significant impact on your health and your ability to enjoy life to the fullest.


The ETA-Scan is an innovative new computer program that analyzes the effects of quantum mechanics on biological systems. Sometimes referred to as Energy Medicine, many health specialists believe this type of health assessment will form a vital component of future medical diagnostic technique. Developed in Austria, the ETA-Scan makes it possible for trained practitioners to determine the condition of specific organs and better understand the pathological (disease) processes that may be occurring within that organ—right down to the cellular level.

Highly advanced graphics allow the practitioner to see the body’s various organs, tissues and structural components, and to assess their energy, vitality and possible energy blocks. This allows the practitioner to suggest various treatments appropriate for the person’s specific situation. These might include rebalancing of the body’s energetic flow, using the ETA-Scan. Repeat scans allow the practitioner to determine if improvements have been made to the flow of energy.


Having an ETA-Scan is a simple and enjoyable process. The practitioner will first make sure that you are sitting comfortably, and are wearing the transducer headphones that will assist in measuring the frequency of your brain waves. You will then be asked questions about your present state of health and your medical history. A comprehensive body scan takes less than one hour and details of your reading are provided in a report that is shared with you at the time of the scan.

Image of the renal system (kidneys) shows areas of reduced energy flow (red and black icons) and areas of strong (healthy) energy flow (yellow). Included in the nominal fee is a professional assessment of your energy frequency, and suggestions for rebalancing your vital energy. You will be asked to return for a follow up, during which the recommended personalized treatments will be discussed. These may include further use of the ETA scanning equipment for energy rebalancing.


Knowing if you have reduced energy frequency in certain areas of your body may help predict poor functioning before it has had time to develop into a disease state. At this early stage, natural remedies such as herbals and other supplements may be taken to help rebalance the energy flow and stimulate the affected organ or body system.

As an added benefit, if you are taking a medication, or dietary supplement such as a vitamin or herbal preparation, it may be keyed into the ETA-Scan system to determine if it increases or decreases energetic flow. This tells you if the supplement you are taking is actually helping or hindering your overall health and well-being.

The ETA-Scan is used as widely in Europe, where there are over 3,000 practitioners utilizing it on a regular basis to better determine the health status and potential of their patients.


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