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Your chance to win a white water rafting adventure

Platinum Naturals

Feel like you’re ready to escape the city this summer? Come by the store and check out Platinum Naturals for your chance to win a white water rafting adventure down the beautiful Fraser River. The tour includes challenging the rapids at Scuzzy Rock, China Bar and more. Pause midway for a well deserved rest after conquering the unforgettable rapids at Hell’s Gate. Enjoy a buffet lunch served on a secluded riverside beach where you can swim, hike or just relax in the sun. From now until August 15/16 for every Platinum Naturals product you buy you’ll earn one ballot as an additional receipt, so fill in your details and pop that into the draw box at the cash checkout. The lucky winner will be chosen on August 15/16. Customers need to be part of our Finlandia loyalty program.

To help you make the most of your voyage, we’ve also got Activ-X and Easymulti Stress on special during that time! Activ-X is the athlete’s choice, so whether you’re a weekend warrior or training for competition, this formula has what you need to boost your energy, endurance, and post-workout recovery. On the other hand, if the idea of barreling down a rushing river leaves you more petrified than pumped, then pick up a bottle of Easymulti Stress. This formula includes adaptogenic herbs plus GABA to help you feel like every day is a meander down the lazy river.

Platinum Naturals is a Canadian company that believes you should feel the difference when you try their supplements, that’s why they suspend the active nutrients in their supplements in omega oils to significantly improve absorption. This is their award-winning innovation known as Omega Suspension Technology. For example, did you know that the oil in your favourite salad dressing does more than add flavour? Studies have shown that oil easily passes through cell membranes, helping your body absorb the salad’s nutrients more efficiently. Through suspending their formulas in healthy omega oils, Platinum Naturals is able to deliver the vitamins and minerals your body needs far more effectively. After all, you are what you absorb!

Feel more from your multi this summer, with Finlandia and Platinum Naturals. Come visit us in store to find out more!

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