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Continuous Glucose Monitoring Changes Makes Holistic Diabetes Management Easier


Naturopathic Treatment of Diabetes at the Finlandia Health Centre


Diabetes can be a difficult condition to manage. The consequences for not properly controlling blood sugar are dire. Many turn to naturopathic doctors to help with therapeutic diet advice, herbal support and nutrient prescribing after their diagnosis. The benefit of working with a naturopath in our province? They can also adjust your medication dose.

At the Finlandia Health Centre our naturopathic doctors are experienced in applying therapeutic diets to help patients recover from difficult conditions. They are able to apply cinnamon, berberine, exercise and all other good holistic protocols to support the patient in recovering from this condition.

Their new superpower is the use of continuous glucose monitoring systems. Gone are the days of finger pricking. This changes everything.


What is Continuous Glucose Monitoring?


All diabetic patients who work with naturopathic doctors at the Finlandia Health Centre are eligible for two weeks of free continuous blood glucose monitoring. In this time they are able to accurately review how diet impacts the blood glucose of their patients. They are able to make changes on the go to support improved glucose and insulin management and even help patients reduce the need for their prescriptions.

In general finger prick blood spots negatively affect the quality-of-life of diabetes. They don’t provide the type of information required to properly assess diet when blood sugar control is an issue. Diabetic medications are very effective but in order to heal from type two diabetes diet therapy is essential. In order to stay healthy with type one diabetes diet therapy is essential.

The best way to accurately assess diet therapy in both types of diabetes is continuous blood sugar monitoring using a continuous glucose monitor. This device is worn on the upper arm and is connected to either an external handset (comes with it) or an iPhone. Every minute of every day it is able to provide real-time feedback of blood sugar reading.

Have a treat? We can see how the glucose rises and falls. Want to assess how your regular meals are impacting your sugar? Same thing.

With this kind of information our naturopathic doctors are able to provide their patients with custom nutrition/diet advice specific to their level of blood sugar control. They are able to see how supplements affect control. They are able to quantify the extent of benefit of their remedies to make sure patients are only getting what they need and works for them.


If you have a diagnosis of diabetes (type 1 or 2) and would like to start CGM with one of our naturopathic doctors please give our clinic a call at 604-734-7760.



Author Bio: Dr. David Duizer has been a Naturopathic Doctor at Finlandia Pharmacy for over four years. He has a special interest in the holistic approach to cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and autoimmune disease. His clinical focus is to address the cause of disease and support the body’s ability to heal naturally. Through advanced laboratory testing and the use of nutrition, lifestyle modification, herbal medicine, orthomolecular medicine, intravenous therapy and physical medicine Dr. Duizer aims to reduce symptoms and reverse disease processes.