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The DTX-200 DexaCare Osteometer is a unique low-radiation x-ray densitometer for the assessment of bone density in the distal part of the forearm (the area of bone closest to the wrist). The forearm is considered an excellent site because it is representative of the total body bone mass.

Since osteoporosis progresses silently without symptoms, often the first sign is a broken bone. If the condition is advanced, it is often too late to effectively reverse it and your doctor may feel that prescription drugs are the only option. It is therefore important to know the status of your bones as early as possible to allow remedial action to be taken, if required.

At the low cost of $50 per scan and printed results, the Osteometer provides an affordable and highly effective means of determining the strength of your bones, and for regularly monitoring them to detect changes (The fee for a scan and consultation with a pharmacist is $60). An Osteometer scan is fast—less than five minutes—and requires no doctor’s referral. During the procedure, you will rest your arm comfortably inside the scanner. The density of bone in your distal forearm will then be measured. At the conclusion of the reading, the technician will provide you with a printout of your results. If you have requested a consultation with our pharmacist, he will discuss your results with you, to help you plan a strategy for increasing the density of your bones.

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