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Fake science, fake news, bias journalism – can you believe anything in the media?


Fake science, fake news, bias journalism – can you believe anything in the media?

Quoting from the “Nutrition Libel” article (The Post, Feb, 2017).
The food industry has funded research at prominent universities that have come up with the conclusion sugar is not linked or causal to obesity or diabetes. This is similar to the tobacco companies claiming no relationship between smoking and cancer. If we pay scientists enough, they will have study results that favour the paying agency. The pharmaceutical companies have done the same. They have successfully promoted statin drugs, vaccines, narcotic pain killers, to doctors and pharmacists as legitimate science. They are selling billions of dollars of harmful drugs which kill us or cause damage to our bodies. Suddenly a trip to the doctor is as frequent as a trip to the grocery store.

The same paper states, the narcotic drug fentanyl was creating a rash of deaths across the country. So where did this start? The prescription counter of the local pharmacy along with the epidemic of OxyContin addiction. This all began with fraudulent promotions by big pharmaceutical companies claiming their product was safe and beneficial for your aches and pains. The drug company pleaded guilty to fraudulent and misleading promotions to doctors, but did they cut back on the use of it?  No. They gave it to generic drug manufactures and expanded the use of generic OxyContin.

Coca Cola, Kellogg, Kraft Foods and many other companies are claiming, lack of exercise and eating sugar makes unhealthy children. They have also been putting dietitians on payola to pitch the fake science (news) in order to sway us to buy and eat more junk food and sugar. It does not end here. Last week the journalists at the Globe launched an attack on the dangers of homeopathy. The biased journalism claimed how homeopathy was responsible for infant deaths due to problems with the concept of homeopathy. The Globe has repeatedly attacked the health food industry for peddling ineffective dangerous product which pale in comparison to the dangers of over the counter drugs like ASA, Ibuprofen, and acetaminophen. It all depends on who is throwing around advertising dollars. This determines the slant of the journalism. Money buys our attention. Our attention focuses us into our lifestyles which are prone to need unnecessary drugs to keep us healthy.

So what do we do to find the facts when we allow industry to control what we see, read, hear and even pressure our government to regulate what we can and cannot consume, read or see? Reading labels on our food products can help, but it is not necessarily all that is required. Has anyone every offered to show you the package insert with the vaccines you are being jabbed with? I think not because if you did read the inserts you would question whether you want this done to you or not. Have you paid attention to the warning you get with ALL cell phones? It says keep all phones 2 inches or so away from your body when turned on and keep them away from children. Wow! Who does that? What are the risks of not doing that? Well, just brain cancer, breast cancer, testicular cancer, etc.

The term healthy is so distorted we have no idea what that means. My definition of health is being able to be physically able to function for at least our full life span of over seventy years without drugs, without any dysfunction of any sort. This means NO apparent disease (DIS ease). How many people fit this definition? We have accepted infirmity as a normal condition to living. Things are pretty simple – eat whole natural foods (unprocessed), exercise, sleep 8 hours a night, and lead a peaceful harmonious life. There you have it. That is my definition of being healthy.  While I have not discovered the “fountain of youth”, I have been able to separate the lies from the truth in the science world.  It is not easy with the “fake news”, advertisements, and so called science influencing our lives. Finlandia’s agenda is to provide information and healthy options to our clients so they can take responsibility for their own health uninfluenced by media. It will not be easy and many will disagree with us, but communication can also be truthful and healthy. We can have drug free healthy lives. This can be our choice, but we have to choose wisely what information to believe.

I say “Buyer beware! Read labels! Take heed!”.

Good health to you.

Harlan Lahti, BSc Pharm
Natural Pharmacist