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Finlandia DIY: Rose Face Cream by Moira




(Moira Wyrd from Finlandia’s Herbal Department is an expert at creating fun DIY natural health products. Enjoy her recipe for a natural DIY face cream below!)


Making my own body care products was what started me on my natural health journey. I fell in love being able to make beautiful creams and lip balms at home with simple, natural ingredients that are free from synthetic fillers, preservatives, and perfumes—and which often cost a fraction of the price of store bought products. It’s also fun, and makes me feel so resourceful.

This is one cream I’ve made that is based on a recipe from herbalist James Green’s A Medicine Makers Handbook. I love this recipe for its simplicity and practicality—if you can make a smoothie, you can make this face cream!

Vegetable glycerin is optional, but helps to hold the oil and water portions together. For the oil portion, you want something light that won’t feel greasy or cause acne breakouts. Almond, hemp seed, or grapeseed are good choices. For more medicinal oil, we have calendula infused into sunflower oil, which helps prevent and treat breakouts and promotes tissue healing.

For the essential oil portion (different than the oil portion), rose is a quintessential skin tonic: its astringency checks excess sebum production while its antimicrobial action stops eruptions. Traditionally it is used for sensitive skin and maturing skin to keep you looking young forever! Finlandia’s Skin Repair Face Oil has been especially formulated for more serious repair such as for acne scars, and is packed full with carrot seed and chamomile to stimulate repair.

To make this cream vegan, substitute Candelilla wax for the beeswax, and use half the amount of candelilla. I haven’t tried this myself, so you might need to do some experimenting.

Some of these ingredients you might already have lying around the house. All of them can be purchased at Finlandia Pharmacy’s Herbal Dispensary. Right now we have 2 lotion pumps (25mL) on sale for $2.95 per package, but only while they last!


Kitchen equipment you will need:

All of your equipment should be very clean to prevent contamination by bacteria, which will reduce the shelf life of your cream.

  • Kitchen food scale (available at most hardware or home stores)
  • Blender
  • Double broiler: two pots, one inside the other, with enough water in the outer pot to touch the base of the inner pot
  • Spatula (I love the silicone ones for scrapping out every last drop)
  • Butter knife
  • Small funnel
  • 2-3 small (125mL-ish) glass jars: one you can dedicate to making creams and lip balms (the wax never really comes off)
  • Small glass jars or lotion bottles with pumps: the pump is a better option than a jar because it keeps your lotion safe from contamination
  • If using lotion bottles: piping bag or clean plastic zippered bag with a small hole cut in one corner

On Sale at Finlandia in-store: $2.95 for 2 lotion pumps (25mL)



This makes about 100mL of cream, which is a smaller batch to play around with.

  • 2g beeswax
  • 50mL (3 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon) rosewater
  • 12 drops Rose essential oil 10% OR Skin Repair Face Oil (from Finlandia’s Herbal Dispensary)
  • 1 teaspoon glycerin (optional)
  • 30mL (2 tablespoons) almond oil, calendula infused oil, etc.

All the ingredients are available at Finlandia Pharmacy and Health Centre



  1. Cut your beeswax into small pieces (big chunks take a long time to melt).
  2. Place beeswax bits into your dedicated jar, and set in a double boiler on medium-low heat.
  3. When the beeswax is melted, place oil in the same jar (the beeswax will solidify slightly and will need to re-melt).
  4. Place your rose water in a separate jar & set in same double boiler. Do not let boil. Heating the oil and water portions to the same temperature allows them to mix together better.
  5. Place the rose water in the blender. Turn blender on to medium-high speed.
  6. Place funnel on opening of the blender.
  7. Very slowly start pouring the melted oil/wax through the funnel into the water. The two portions will start mixing together after about ½ the oil/wax is added in. By the end you should see the beginnings of a smooth lotion.
  8. Shut off your blender, scrape down the edges and re-blend as needed until there are no beads of water or oil visible.
  9. The oil/wax will cool and harden on the edges of your jar as you pour. Scrape down edges of jar with butter knife, and reheat on double boiler briefly.
  10. When melted remove from heat and add your drops of essential oil or Skin Repair Face Oil to the wax/oil. Stir briefly. Combine into blender as in step 7.
  11. Pour cream into jars you are using, scraping down the sides of your blender. If using lotion pump bottles, pour cream into piping bag or zippered bag and “pipe” into lotion bottles.
  12. Save any extra in an airtight container (such as a canning jar) in the fridge. Store your dedicated wax jar in the fridge or freezer. Cream will keep for 3-6 months.



About The Author: Moira is a Registered Herbal Therapist (RHT) practicing at the Finlandia Health Centre in Vancouver, BC. She graduated from Pacific Rim College with a Diploma of Phytotherapy with Highest Honors. Moira is passionate about empowerment through education and building sustainable health care systems which provide holistic support for individuals and ecosystems.