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Forget Vaping: Try Finlandia’s Naturopathic Smoking Cessation Protocol

Throughout the last few years, vaporizing has become incredibly popular among people trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Initially, this looked like an excellent idea and that side effects would be minimal. People were having an easier time quitting smoking, it was an enjoyable experience and relatively inexpensive. The potential for a reduction in lung cancer rates was (and still is) considered enormous.

However, recent reports have shown that vaporizing can be incredibly dangerous for the lungs. The chemicals in these e-cigarettes seem to be disrupting immune function in the lung which has potential negative side effects for lung function in the future.

It was reported this week through multiple outlets that vaping could be linked with inflammatory conditions such as lupus, psoriasis and vasculitis. It seems to trigger various diseases including inflammatory lung disease and asthma and has been associated with an increased risk of COPD and cystic fibrosis.


Quit Smoking with Finlandia’s Naturopathic Doctors

Here at Finlandia, we recommend quitting smoking in a way that is research proven and supported by a professional. Switching to e-cigarettes is not the way to quit smoking.

At the Finlandia Health Centre, our Naturopathic Doctors use the NADA Protocol and Bastyr Protocol concurrently to help our patients finally quit the habit. We practice acupuncture, nutrient therapy, and provide lifestyle recommendations to aide in the quitting process. These smoking cessation protocols have been used for many years by Naturopathic Doctors across North America. The protocol that is done at Finlandia takes approximately six weeks and has been successful for many people.

Through the use of ear acupuncture points, nutrient therapy including supplementation, and lifestyle changes for the purpose of breaking patterns associated with smoking our naturopathic doctors have been able to help many people in their journey to quit.

The NADA acupuncture protocol is a well-researched protocol that involves ear acupuncture points stimulated over the course of 30 minutes weekly for 6 weeks. Both of our naturopathic doctors are certified in acupuncture and have used this protocol extensively.

The Bastyr protocol is a smoking cessation lifestyle altering protocol that involves making subtle changes to your smoking habits weekly over the course of six weeks. These habits include changes around timing, places and activities surrounding your smoking habit.

This protocol is not meant to be difficult, but gentle and very basic with results that are profound. Simply breaking patterns around smoking can make the process of quitting much easier. In conjunction with acupuncture and nutrient therapy, this protocol is incredibly effective.

To book with either of our naturopathic doctors please contact our clinic at the Finlandia Health Center at (604) 734-7760. We also have online booking on this website if you would like to set up your initial visit today.


By Dr. David Duizer ND

Finlandia Health Centre
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