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What is it?

Hematology is the science and study of blood and its different elements, behaviour and breakdown. Blood analysts use the pre-established facts and findings of Hematology as the foundation of their analysis. Analysts visually inspect the blood for any imbalances or weaknesses potentially forming in the body. Analyzing the blood under a microscope is as old as the microscope itself, and still today blood is one the most studied elements in modern medicine.

In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of cancer cells only being able to survive in oxygen deprived acidic tissue. What does that means for us? It shows that our internal state or “terrain” dictates how healthy we are, and can either provide an environment that heals us and prevents disease, or one that breaks us down, allowing disease to thrive.

History of blood analysis:

  • 1590 compound microscope was invented by Hans & Zacharias Jannsen.
  • 1658 red blood cells are first observed by Jan Swammerdam.
  • 1695 red blood cells shape and size are described by Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek.
  • 1843 white blood cells first observed and described to alter in disease, long side RBC‘s by Gabriel Andral and William Addison.
  • 1870 microscopic organisms that instead of dying along with the host organism, help to decompose the being and then create new ones. Observed by Dr. Antoine Bechamp.
  • 1916 the state of microorganisms and the balance of good health in the body as a harmonious whole first described by Dr. Gunther Enderlein.
  • 1931 Nobel Prize won for the discovery of cancer cells only being able to survive in oxygen deprived acidic tissue, by Dr. Otto Warburg

For the last 85 years there has been an ongoing battle between Allopathic medicine and Naturopathic medicine. Both have their place in our world of health and healing. Despite any difference in opinions, humanity is soaring into a new state of wellbeing every year with the continuing study of the blood.

How does it work?

We use a lancing device to attain two drops of blood from the tip of the finger. The first drop is placed on a glass slide for live analysis and the second for dry analysis. Then the slides are placed under a high power microscope, which is then projected onto a screen for both the practitioner and client to observe.

Based on any anomalies or imbalances found, a recommended program of hydration, nutrition and supplementation will be given to the client within that same appointment. This takes out any guesswork as to what cleansing, detox, or supplemental programs might be right for you.

What are the benefits?

Unlike standard testing, where only what is requested by your doctor is checked, live blood analysis looks at many different aspects. It looks at your levels of toxicity, nutrient deficiency, free radical damage, lymphatic congestion, colon catarrh accumulation, sugar imbalance, protein assimilation, heavy metals, adrenal and thyroid weakness, candida levels, parasitical burden and much more.

By uncovering these hidden imbalances, blood analysis focuses on removing the root cause, rather than simply relieving symptoms. We do not prescribe or diagnose, but simply monitor improvements or degradations.

For many people, this might be the first time they can see for themselves the dynamic activity going on inside their body. This is powerful because many people begin to understand the impact that their diet and lifestyle has on their body. They begin to grasp the need to have commitment in taking care of their health.

Please join us and see how healthy you truly are!

How long does it take?

The first consultation and live & dry blood analysis takes approximately 60-75 minutes. Depending on individual needs, any subsequent visit needed can be booked for a follow up live & dry analysis which takes 45-60 minutes.

How much does it cost?

The first consultation and live & dry blood analysis is $130 and any subsequent follow up of live & dry analysis is $80.

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Please join us and see how healthy you truly are!