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Keep it Fresh with Summer Must-Haves


As fun as summer activities can be, they can definitely take their toll on our bodies, from the surface of our sun-beaten skin to our sweat glands going into overdrive. Keep things fresh this summer by building a personal care kit to quell such seasonal discomforts, featuring skin-friendly herbals revered for their ability to cool, soothe, and refresh.


Routine natural deodorants – available in Superstar, Like a Boss, Sexy Sadie, The Curator

Smell good and feel good all summer with naturally effective deodorizing formulas, each packed with a medley of antibacterial and aromatic essential oils to impart a fresh unisex scent. The Superstar and Like a Boss varieties of this deodorant feature odor-busting baking soda, which neutralizes acidic sweat and has strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to stop odor-causing bacteria in their tracks. For those with more sensitive skin, try Sexy Sadie and The Curator, which are enriched with magnesium, which, if deficient in, can cause sweat to smell. Magnesium also relaxes muscles and decreases cortisol production, making it ideal for stopping stress sweats and as a soothing salve for cuts and scrapes.


Green Beaver antiperspirants – available in Bliss, Escape, VerveVoyage, Freedom

Traditional antiperspirants stop sweat by clogging the sweat ducts with aluminum salts; however, excessive aluminum on the skin can result in contact dermatitis in the form of red, itchy rashes. Aluminum can also penetrate through the skin and build up in our bodies, weakening kidney function over time. Green Beaver’s all natural antiperspirant allows you to stay dry all summer without such risks – jojoba and mimosa flower wax esters form a natural protective barrier to keep wetness at bay, while refreshing herbal extracts guarantee 24 hours of protection against odor. Soothing and hypoallergenic, the formula can be applied on the underarms even after hair removal.


EO Natural Deodorant Wipes – Tea Tree

These individually wrapped wipes are perfect for on-the-go freshness – slide a few into your bag to stay prepared, or take them on your travels. Made from fully biodegradable plant fibers, EO wipes are saturated with organic glycerin to keep skin soft. Each wipe is infused with powerfully antibacterial tea tree oil, which also imparts a herbaceous scent in conjunction with oils of lavender, ylang ylang, vetiver, cedarwood, and rosemary.


Biosolis After-Sun Milk

Long days in the sun are always fun, but even if we are equipped with sunscreen, the sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays can still leave skin feeling dry and reddened. Many people find aloe vera on its own an effective remedy for skin irritated by the sun, but for those who need more moisture and regenerative elements, this after-sun elixir combines the hydration of aloe vera with the occlusive protection of shea butter, the soothing regeneration of calendula, and the smoothing properties of sunflower, argan, and sweet almond oils. With these nourishing ingredients working together, skin feels instantly calmed and moisturized. This after-sun milk is designed for even the most sensitive skin and is perfect for the whole family to enjoy.


Newco Hyaluronic Acid Face Gel

One of the hottest ingredients in skincare today, hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar that holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water, making it exceptionally desirable for anyone who wants plump, hydrated skin. When skin is well hydrated, excessive oil production is mitigated and fine lines are instantly softened. To amplify hyaluronic acid’s anti-aging effects, Newco adds MSM, an organic sulfur widely found in nature and necessary for collagen maintenance. The aloe-based face gel absorbs easily into the skin, allowing you to hydrate in a snap and cool down from a hot day; the gel can be worn on its own for a sheer layer of moisture, or as a serum underneath a moisturizer to enhance its efficacy as hyaluronic acid draws moisture close to the skin.


DeVita Sun Damage Repair Serum

We try to shield ourselves from the sun’s ultraviolet rays not just because of the risk of sunburns – UV radiation breaks down collagen and elastin fibers, creating wrinkles and fine lines, while rapidly increasing melanin production, often resulting in hyperpigmentation. If your skin has taken a beating from the sun, DeVita’s serum helps your skin recover with antioxidant copper peptides and pigmentation-lightening emblica fruit extract. Copper acts as a powerful collagen and elastin promoter, enhancing the skin’s ability to repair itself while triggering formation of antioxidants in the body to fight the oxidative stress from UV exposure. Emblica, also known as Indian gooseberry, is extremely rich in vitamin C, which is renowned for its antioxidant and skin-brightening properties. Make sun damage a thing of the past and restore your skin to a healthy state with this lightweight hydrating serum!


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– Written by our Beauty Specialist, Evelyn