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Max Pulse Testing

State of the art cardiovascular screening


Arterial stiffness is a major risk factor for heart disease. Before starting OXY-R we will get a picture of how your heart and arteries are faring presently, through Max Pulse testing. Max Pulse is a cardiovascular screening device that is non-invasive. It utilizes pulsewave analysis technology. The pulsewave of the blood is followed from the time it leaves the heart and travels down the blood vessels to the finger. This snapshot of the cardiovascular system evaluates arterial elasticity.

The test analyzes the following:

  • Overall cardiovascular health
  • Heart rate variability (HRV) and mean heart rate (MHR)
  • Overall elasticity of large, small and peripheral arteries
  • Progression of arteriosclerosis
  • Blood circulation and amount of blood remaining in the vessels after systolic contraction of the heart
  • Left ventricular ejection, and contraction power
  • Mental stress, physical stress and resistance to stress

Taking a preventive approach to heart disease is one of the smartest things you can do to protect your health. Book your appointment with us today by calling 604.734.7760.