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Reba Testing

Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) by Rubimed are energy medicine products from Germany used in Europe and North America. These homeopathic products are clinically shown to resolve past psychological traumata and stress that can impact our health and life. With Psychosomatic Energetics, one can first determine a person’s energetic situation and test for emotional conflicts, and then ultimately treat them with special findings-based homeopathic compounds.

The patient is examined with a special test device (called the Reba™ Device) and specific test ampoules. In Psychosomatic Energetics, the conflict is predominantly energetically dissolved. The patient takes, for some weeks or months, homeopathic compound remedies. These enter into resonance with the conflict, gradually dissolving it. Usually, 2 to 3 conflicts need to be eliminated to achieve good permanent results. For nearly all patients, one will initially test a single conflict, very rarely two. Resolving the first conflict usually takes four to five months, after which another conflict often appears, needing in its turn several months to clear. The entire process is like peeling away emotional ‘onion skins’. It is a psycho-energetic growth process that leads gradually and imperceptibly (seldom dramatically) to an improvement in the patient’s overall condition. For children and emotionally very open people, the healing process can proceed markedly faster, sometimes ending after the dissolution of a single conflict.

The cost of the basic REBA test is $80.00. Our Naturopaths offer a more in depth consultation at an additional cost which may be covered by extended health insurance. The homeopathic compounds cost $36.00 each (in-store) and at least 2 are needed, possibly 3 if an acute remedy tests positive.


If you would like to book an appointment, please contact the health centre at 604-734-7760 to book with Heather Schofield, Finlandia Reba consult and Homeopath.