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Rx Pharmacy

Finlandia has your health covered. Although best known for our natural remedies, we also operate a busy pharmacy dispensing conventional western medicines. This means you can discuss your condition with our fully licensed pharmacist and perhaps pick up some helpful herbs or other health supplements while having your prescription filled. It’s the best of both worlds! Our conventional pharmacy also offers compounding services, so if your physician wishes you to have a drug blended into a transdermal cream, sub-lingual troche, suppository or lollipop, we are able to do this for you. On-site compounding also means we can omit specific substances, such as lactose and other sugars, if they pose a problem for you (Very few pharmacies offer on-site compounding due to its complexity and the time/experience needed to ensure it is executed properly). Our modern facility also incorporates a sterile compounding room. Allowing us to fill your medical prescription means you can rest assured that you will receive expert service and advice on not just your medication, but also any health supplement or OTC medication you may be taking. Our pharmacist will take the time to check for, and advise you on, possible drug/supplement interactions and side effects that might affect your well being.

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