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The “Secret” Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms 

The “Secret” Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms

Me-dic-i-nal Mush-rooms

This year’s cold and flu season has been a  harsh and  challenging one for people of all ages.  Our immune systems are there protect us while we live our busy and sometimes stressful lives. Ultimately, there are times like the present when it seems like everyone around us has some kind of cold or flu.

We know that herbal remedies and supplements  can help us get over a cold or flu.  However, when it takes an unusually long time to recover from an illness, it is crucial to choose the most effective remedies possible.  Unfortunately some of those remedies are still not as well known to the public as they could be.

Medicinal Mushrooms are gradually becoming more widely known around the world. And while mushroom experts like Paul Stamets present well received talks online and in person, the impressive health benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms are still a bit of a secret.  Like all healthy herbs and  supplements, it is better to share this knowledge than keep it for ourselves only.


Reishi Mushroom: The Jack of all Trades

Reishi Mushroom is perhaps one of the most “tonifying” Mushrooms available at Finlandia.  By tonifying I mean that Reishi generally enhances the body’s overall strength and well being.  Reishi first gained it’s solid reputation as essential herbal medicine in Ancient China, Japan, and Korea.  Since that time it has been exported across borders and grown worldwide for the benefit of those who seek its healing properties.  When the right amount is taken, Reishi Mushroom can work to decrease stress and fatigue, as well as to increase immunity.  Reishi also fortifies  the health of the adrenal glands and endocrine system, making Reishi an exceptionally versatile mushroom.  Indeed, Reishi’s impressive reputation throughout the centuries has led to it being labelled as the Mushroom of the Royals.


Chaga : The Stealthy Protector

Chaga Mushroom (known more simply as Chaga) is a dark fungus that grows in Canada and other parts of the Northern Hemisphere on Birch Trees. Chaga first came to the attention of the general public via a popular 1960s book by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and in recent years it has taken the natural health world by storm. Chaga’s impressive notoriety comes for good reason, as it is generally high in healthy antioxidants, and has anti-aging and anti inflammatory properties. Chaga is also immune strengthening, which means it is not only good for preventing cold and flu, but also for treating them when they have already infected an unwilling host. Research on the health benefits of Chaga has been extensive, and studies are becoming more conclusive as time goes on. Chaga has even been shown to protect human DNA in one study. Overall, one of Chaga’s most significant benefits is its anti-cancer effect. The research on this effect from Chaga is very promising, and will hopefully lead to more discoveries in the future.  For safety reasons, please be sure to check with your Doctor, Pharmacist and Oncologist before incorporating Chaga into a treatment plan.


Cordyceps : The Body Builder

An online search for Cordyceps will produce some startling images  reminiscent of a 1950s era horror film.  The reason for this is because in  nature Cordyceps invades and feeds on the body of its insect host. Luckily, as a supplement, Cordyceps can be grown in a lab without the use of insects or other animal products.  Cordyceps strengthen the body, and increase immunity. This is especially important during the cold and flu season, when we might be feeling both sickly and run down.  Like Reishi, Cordyceps are also extremely tonifying for the adrenals and the body as a whole.  Cordyceps have also been shown to be beneficial for the lungs and general respiratory health.  These benefits make Cordyceps a great choice for busy people, all athletes, and people who need a boost while recovering from an illness.  Cordyceps have also been found to be beneficial for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, and for increasing libido and sexual performance. Cordyceps may be very bad for insects, but they can be great for human beings!

So where can you find these amazing Medicinal Mushrooms? Ask a Finlandia Product Specialist!  In our Immune section, Mushrooms by Purica, Paul Stamets/Host Defense, Finlandia and Biomed can be found. In the Greens section a number of products have Medicinal Mushrooms added to them.  If you visit our herbal window, our experienced herbalists can tell you more about mushroom tea blends, dried mushroom products, and extracts. The mushrooms discussed above are only a small sample of what’s available at Finlandia.  Maitake and Turkey Tails also benefit the immune system, and Lion’s Mane can improve nerve function and brain health.  As always, be sure to discuss potential interactions with prescription medications and health conditions with your Doctor and Pharmacist before trying Medicinal Mushrooms.

To your good health!

– Written by Phil Larin, Product Specialist