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The Holistic Weight Loss Approach – Balanced, Healthy & Sustainable

Welcome to the start of another year, a time for fresh goals and healthy lifestyle changes. This is the optimal time to tighten up your diet and push towards your wellness goals. If healthy weight loss is one of them read on!  

At the Finlandia Health Centre we practice holistic weight loss, a naturopathic medically supported weight loss method. This is a healthy, balanced approach to achieving your optimal weight in a safe and supported manner.

Holistic Weight Loss

Holistic weight loss means supporting all organ systems of the body to ensure metabolism is boosted naturally so that weight loss can occur efficiently and sustainably.

This means having:

  1. healthy sex hormone levels
  2. proper digestion
  3. adequate neurotransmitter production
  4. balanced stress responses
  5. optimal thyroid function
  6. low inflammation
  7. sufficient blood sugar regulation

Weight loss is so much more than just counting the calories in versus the calories you expend. If you have failed to lose before you are familiar with this. It is really about having a healthy metabolism and living a lifestyle that allows your body to reach its natural state.

There are so many factors that influence metabolism that medical guidance can often be the key to unlocking your weight loss potential. Working with one of our naturopaths will allow you to optimize each of these factors and finally reach that goal you have been shooting for.

How to Optimize Metabolism for Healthy Weight Loss (let’s burn fat!)

At our Health Centre we offer functional, comprehensive sex hormone testing, thyroid function testing, food sensitivity testing, stress-response testing, conventional blood sugar regulation assessments and in-depth cholesterol assessments.

We provide healthy cleanses to jumpstart weight loss, low calorie, low carbohydrate and balanced diets, adequate exercise routines and advanced therapies like MIC weight loss injections to boost the rate of fat loss.

If you are just starting on your weight loss journey or have struggled in the past with losing and maintaining your weight loss consider trying our holistic approach. This approach is different. This approach is healthy.


How it might look for you:

  1. Find your weight loss block (ie. too much food, too little exercise, too much inflammation, hormone imbalance, etc)
  2. Address the cause of your imbalance
  3. Balance your system with supplements and lifestyle changes
  4. Begin a short term cleanse (ie. ketogenic diet, low carbohydrate diet, elimination diet, vegan diet, etc)
  5. Start MIC weight loss injections weekly
  6. Begin volume training – low intensity exercise (but often)
  7. Transition to a balanced long term nutrition plan that is easy to follow
  8. Reach your goal and maintain with a simple, balanced approach

This type of approach is not complicated but does require medical supervision.

Over time weight loss will be easy with this approach and once you reach your goal maintenance will not require effort. Your day to day maintenance will simply be a reflection of your healthy lifestyle.


The benefits of working this way (with one of our NDs):

  1. overall health benefits and disease prevention – we speak to cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease and cancer prevention throughout the protocol
  2. optimal wellness and balance – feel good and sleep well!
  3. efficiency and ease of application – a no stress approach


Which weight loss program is right for you?

Weight loss tools are abundant. The information available in this space now is endless. We should all be lean right?

Exercise and nutrition are important in weight loss but in certain circumstances supplementation is necessary, finding the cause of weight gain is helpful, tailoring a program to a specific lifestyle is essential – this is where naturopathic medicine thrives.

Cutting calories can often be beneficial but dietarily what is really important is medically supervised nutrition changes specific to your system. This might mean ketosis. This might mean low carbohydrate. This might simply mean an overall reduction in calories.

When you make these changes you need to be making sure you’re still getting appropriate nutrients – this is where naturopathic medicine thrives.

Exercise programs can be difficult to navigate. Exercise is essential in weight loss for boosting metabolism improving mood and building lean muscle mass. If you do too much the results will be stalled due to fatigue and even possibly overtraining. If you do too little there will be no weight loss benefit. Finding the balance is where naturopathic medicine thrives.

If you’re looking to build a holistic weight loss approach specific to you consult with one of our naturopathic doctors today. Get started on a cleanse, transition to a healthy diet, activate an exercise program specific to you, balance your hormones, reduce inflammation and jump-start metabolism with MIC injections at our Clinic.

Best of luck with your new year’s goals and we look forward to helping you reach them.



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– Written by Dr. David Duizer, ND